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Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Title: Dark Kiss
Author: Michelle Rowen
Series: Nightwatchers #1
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Genre: Paranormal Young Adult
Release Date: 05/22/12
Reviewed by: Sara
But the Book:
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I don't do dangerous.

Smart, ├╝ber-careful, ordinary Samantha -- that's me. But I just couldn't pass up a surprise kiss from my number one unattainable crush. A kiss that did something to me... something strange. Now I feel hungry all the time, but not for food. It's like part of me is missing -- and I don't know if I can get it back.

Then there's Bishop. At first I thought he was just a street kid, but the secrets he's keeping are as intense as his unearthly blue eyes. If he's what I think he is, he may be the only one who can help me. But something terrifying is closing in, and the one chance Bishop and I have to stop it means losing everything I ever wanted and embracing the darkness inside me...

Plot: 5 Stars
This is the angel/demon book I've been searching for. All too often, angels are too tied to religion for my liking. I really enjoyed that this novel was based around angels and demons, souls, and the balance between it all. Samantha had no idea that one kiss could change so much when she went to the local all-ages club, but that one kiss had everything spiralling out of control. The author's lore surrounding the grays and their hunger reminded me of the lore surrounding succubi/incubi with a twist to make it age appropriate. I also enjoyed how the angels and demons came into play. It was interesting to see them working together to figure out the problem, instead of being pitted against each other.

Pace: 5 Stars
It's not very often I read a book that has me anxious to finish work so that I can dive back in. Now, I would always like to read instead of work, but I don't find myself thinking about my current read at work too much. But this novel had me counting down the minutes until my lunch break so that I could squeeze a couple more chapters in. I was sucked in from the first chapter, and the story never let me go. The pace of the novel was perfect, and it kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last page. I cannot wait for the next novel in this series.

Characters: 5 Stars
Samantha was a great character. She felt like a real teenager dealing with the supernatural. Sometimes teenage protagonists can come across a bit too adult for me, but the author gave Samantha just the right balance of independence, maturity, and vulnerability. Bishop was sent to lead a team of angels and demons to figure out who was causing a ruckus by making grays, although some things didn't go as planned and his mind came through the trip jumbled. The fact that Samantha could help clear his mind was a great way to introduce her into more of the supernatural. I really liked Bishop, but Kraven was my favorite characters. He's everything I want in a demon: snarky and cocky, without being completely evil.

Cover: 4.5 Stars
The only thing keeping this book from getting 5 Stars in all categories is the cover model's hair. Not only is the hair style not a good look on him, but due to the shine it looks like his hair could be used as a weapon. But personal taste in hair styles aside, this is a fabulous cover. I love the simplicity of a monochromatic cover. Between the blues hues and the gritty texture and the cityscape at the bottom, the cover conveys a bleak feeling reminiscent in parts of the novel. My favorite part of the cover is the model's wings. They are so unlike any wings I have ever seen on a cover before and immediately grabbed my eye. The wings almost look like ink swirled around water and it's a very striking element.

Overall: 5 Stars

Disclosure: I received an eARC via Netgalley.

1 comment:

  1. It sounds like an awesome read! I don't think I came across a well written angel/demon story yet, but I heard great things about Michelle Rowen, so I'll definitely be picking this up.

    Great review. =)


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