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Saturday, January 28, 2012

DNF Reads of 2011 (Part 1)

I was bored the other day and started thinking about the different reasons I decide to DNF a book (mostly because I was contemplating DNFing my current read at the time). And I realized that I never really mention them outside of my month in review posts. So I decided to compile my DNFs from 2011 just to give them a little shout out. Who knows, my reasons for disliking a book could be a reason someone else will like it. I know that I have contrary tastes to some bloggers that I follower, and therefore am often tempted to pick up a big they dislike because I know that their pet peeves aren't a dealbreaker for me.

Anyway, on to the books. I DNFed 19 books in 2011. That may seem like a lot, but I'm actually kinda proud of myself. I have a problem putting books down sometimes, especially if it was one I anticipated, and often try to force myself to continue. (Edit: I posted January through July. Blogger ate the other half, so I'll probably post it tomorrow or whenever I feel like typing it again...)

His Darkest Hunger by Juliana Stone (PNR)
Reason for picking up: I'm always looking for interesting PNR, even if I don't read them as often as UF or YA.
Reason for DNF: After about sixty pages, I just hadn't connected with the heroine or the hero. That's kind of a big deal for me when it comes to PNR.

Manifest by Artist Arthur (YA)
Reason for picking up: The blurb on the back was interesting.
Reason for DNF: The main character and her friends were a bit too immature for me.

February (none)

License to Ensorcell by Katherine Kerr (UF)
Reason for picking up: The cover intrigued me and the blurb sounded like my kind of UF.
Reason for DNF: After about 150 pages, nothing had really happened. Also, considering how far into the novel I got, a number of paranormal items weren't explained well.

Three Quarters Dead by Richard Peck (YA)
Reason for picking up: I just tend to grab anything that grabs my eye when I'm at the library. I often leave with more books than I can hold.
Reason for DNF: The characters were super catty for no reason, and the main character confused me.

Deadworld by J.N. Duncan (UF)
Reason for picking up: I had my eye on this novel for a while. I picked it up while waiting in a long line for a movie (we got there really early), and started reading right there.
Reason for DNF: There were some crazy twists and turns in the first 100 pages, but after that the plot stalled.

Hard Magic by Laura Anne Gilman (UF)
Reason for picking up: Another library grab. Plus, I love reading about main characters in or just out of college
Reason for DNF: Being on vacation may have played a role in this novel not keeping my attention.

Shadowed Summer by Saundra Mitchell (YA)
Reason for picking up: Another library grab.
Reason for DNF: I didn't connect with the main character. As I get older, I find this happening a bit more often with YA.

Hunted by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast (YA)
Reason for picking up: I enjoyed the first four books in the series.
Reason for DNF: I was listening to this as an audiobook while driving to and from TN (I can't read in the car). I didn't finish before we got home, and didn't really want to continue listening. I do want to go back to this novel and the rest of the series in the future.

Dead Iron by Devon Monk (steampunk)
Reason for picking up: I wanted to love this novel so much. It sounded amazing, and I enjoyed other works by the author.
Reason for DNF: This novel just moved sooo slow. I took a couple breaks from it and am holding on to it just in case.

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