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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memphis Vacation: Part 2

This is the post in which I'll share my favorite pictures from the zoo. We had pretty good luck when we went to the zoo. It looked like it was going to rain all day, but the storm held off until after we left. It was still pretty humid, but not nearly as bad as what I deal with almost every day down here in Florida. But anyway, we saw all of the animals, except for the monkeys and the petting zoo (we skipped those on purpose). My favorite were the big cats, the bat house, and the PANDAS! The only animals we wanted to see but couldn't (because the exhibit was closed) were the grizzly bears.

There were all sorts of big cats. We got to see lions, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, leopard, ocelots, cervils, and pumas.

This is one of the cheetahs drinking. The other one was pacing and glaring at everyone. I don't think she was very happy to have an audience.

The tigers were passed out. It was hilarious because they were lounging around like house cats.

For some reason, the capybaras were housed with the big cats even though they're the world's largest rodent. I was confused by this, but still excited for the capybaras.

We got up close and personal with the lazy wolves. It was cool that they curled up in the little alcove so close to the walkway.

I love otters, so I really enjoyed this pile of otters.

This panda was passed out when we got here. I don't know if it was Le-Le or Ya-Ya, but he was adorable. And as soon as the bamboo was thrown in, he started chowing down.

This is the other panda, who chowed down with equal enthusiasm.

And I don't remember which of the two pandas this one was, but either way, totally adorable.

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