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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: Second Chance by Heather Brewer

Title: Second Chance
Author: Heather Brewer
Series: Slayer Chronicles #2
Publisher: Dial
Genre: Paranormal Young Adult
Release Date: 10/16/12
Reviewed by: Christen
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The stakes are life or death.

The summer after Joss failed to kill the vampire Vladimir Tod, he gets a second chance to prove himself as a Slayer. He is sent to New York City to hunt down a serial killer that the Slayer Society believes is a vampire. It is up to Joss to lead his Slayer team, and through their detective work, they discover that there are actually four vampire brothers who are on the killing rampage. Joss must use all his skill to save the innocent people of New York City from the murderers. Joss's status as a Slayer depends on it.

The Slayer Chronicles can be read alongside The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod or entirely on their own. This second installment gives readers even more insight into the nightmares that drive Joss the Slayer.

Plot: 3 Stars
To save his neck for the screw up that happened between the first and second book, Joss must take the leadership role in his very first mission with the Slayer Society. I get it on a superficial level, but if you actually think about it, why would anybody think that holding a fifteen year old responsible for the lives of his five team members is a good idea? Why would they also expect a fifteen year old boy to take on super fast, super strong and mind-reading vampires without a weapon of any kind? I know, I know, it's just a book, plus Vlad kind of needs a foe his own age, but taking this series as a stand alone, it doesn't give you enough of a glimpse into why Joss is so bothered by what happened between books and why Dorian's character is so important. But that very well may be elaborated on in the next book.

Pace: 3.5 Stars
I found the pace to be a bit slow in places when there was a lot of inner dialogue, but all in all it was a steady read.

Characters: 4 Stars
I find Joss to be a wonderful character. I really feel the sad, lonely little boy he is deep inside. You can also get a sense of the psychological issues he has dealing with the guilt over the death of his sister. I am also glad that he was given a friend in Morgan. And although Morgan has his own demons, I felt that Joss' character grew from the interaction that happened between them. On the other hand, Uncle Abraham I do not understand. It's like he wants Joss to suffer even though he claims he loves him. In the first book, I understood his behavior but in this book all I got were mixed signals when it came to him.

Cover: 5 Stars
I love the covers to this and the Vlad series! I love that the match each other, I love that each one is a different color, and I love how the two series play off each other.

Overall: 4 Stars

Disclosure: I received an ARC of this novel from the author.

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