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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reprieve From the Drama

There has been so much drama going around the blogging community lately in regards to negative reviews and bullying and authors behaving badly, and I'm trying my best to stay out of it. For anyone who needs a little break from all of the negativity, I am here to post some cat pictures. Because cat pictures make everything better. :)

This is my little girl, Riley.

This is Christen's big fluffy boy, Wade.

This is my mom's fat cat, Rupert.


  1. Cute kitties.

    I do everything I can to stay away from blog drama. I think I'd stop blogging before I let myself get dragged into that nonsense. I made that mistake once when another blogger was basically trying to generate blog hits by picking a fight with me over something really stupid. I deleted my response post before it turned into anything major (I do not have the stomach for controversy) and vowed to never get sucked in again.

  2. Who needs drama, when you're just this cool? :)

  3. Ok, now I'm curious: What is the drama that you speak of?

    1. I try my best to avoid stuff like this, so I don't know a lot of details. But there were two main items of drama I was referring to:

      1. The Stop the Goodreads Bullies website. It's meant to "warn" authors of bloggers/reviewers that are "bullies." But those who started the site are the actual bullies, posting personal information about the bloggers.

      2. An author was threatening to post a list of "blacklisted" bloggers that promised him a review and never posted one. Some of the bloggers in question are underage, which made some of his comments creepy. And I think he may have even called out a blogger who he never contacted about a review.

      All I know is I try to steer clear of the mess, but it was kinda hard to get away when my twitter stream was full of the drama.


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