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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (57)

This book blog meme is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

Title: Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues
Author: Diana Roland
Series: White Trash Zombie #2
Publisher: Daw
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release date: 07/03/12
Chosen by: Sara
Angel Crawford is finally starting to get used to life as a brain-eating zombie, but her problems are far from over. Her felony record is coming back to haunt her, more zombie hunters are popping up, and she’s beginning to wonder if her hunky cop-boyfriend is involved with the zombie mafia. Yeah, that’s right -- the zombie mafia.

Throw in a secret lab and a lot of conspiracy, and Angel’s going to need all of her brainpower -- and maybe a brain smoothie as well -- in order to get through it without falling apart.


  1. I never did get around to reading the first one in this series! Not too much of a zombie fan I guess. Hope you love it once you read it!

    Here's my WoW

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. I'm not much of a zombie fan either. I don't tend to like the mindless braaaains! kind of zombies. Diana Rowland's and Nancy Holzner's zombies are definitely my favorites.

  2. I'm not a zombie fan but the name is hilarious.

  3. I'll admit, the first book caught my eye as a curiosity, but I never expected to see a second. Might be worth picking up.

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  4. I've had My Life as a White Trash Zombie since last year and I still haven't read it!! I really need to get started on it because the one sounds so good too and the cover is awesome :) Great choice! Check out my WOW:

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  5. The name of this book is hillrious :D
    I've never heard of this series and I honestly don't think I will be reading it, but I hope you enjoy it whever you read it!

    My WoW

  6. What an amazing series of comments. One response out of six admits to having read the book. A couple of them like/love the title and/or the cover, but appear to have NO intention to actually read it. Everybody hopes everybody ElSE will enjoy it IF they read it.

    I liked the title. I liked the cover. I liked the frontispiece, the copyright info, the blurbs, the page numbers, and, oh yeah ... I LOVED THE BOOK! 5 stars, or whatever is the max here. I've had the sequel on pre-order since it came available. White Trash Zombie rocks.

  7. Never heard of the book but what intrigues me is the "zombie mafia." Now there's a different approach! lol

    Allen, you can't possibly be angry because people haven't heard or read it. That borders on absurd. People enjoy different genres and won't touch others...all their prerogative.

    As much as I like zombies, vamps and other creatures I'm also not so sure I'll ever get around to it.

    Thanks, Sara, for posting about it nevertheless.

  8. Jeremy: you're right. That came across as angrier than I meant to be. I suppose I was just a little ... disappointed?

    That'll teach me to reach for the keyboard right after drinking two mugs of coffee. Apologies to all, and a ditto to Jeremy's final comment: Thanks, Sara, for posting this.


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