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Friday, February 26, 2010

Review: and Falling, Fly by Skyler White

Title: and Falling, Fly
Author: Skyler White
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 03/02/10
In a dark and seedy underground of burned-out rock stars and angels-turned-vampires, a revolutionary neuroscientist and a fallen angel must put medicine against mythology in an attempt to erase their tortured pasts... but at what price?

Olivia, vampire and fallen angel of desire, is hopeless... and damned. Since the fall from Eden, she has hungered for love, but fed only on desire. Dominic O'Shaughnessy is a neuroscientist plagued by impossible visions. When his research and her despair collide at L'Otel Mathillide -- a subterranean hell of beauty, demons, and dreams -- rationalist and angel unite in a clash of desire and damnation that threatens to destroy them both.

In this fractures Hotel of the Damned, Olivia and Dominic discover the only force consistent in their opposing realities is the deep, erotic gravity between them. Bound to each other finally in a knot of interwoven freedoms, Dominic and Olivia -- the vision-touched scientist and the earth-bound angel, reborn and undead -- encounter the mystery of love and find it is both fall... and flight.

Plot: 3.5 Stars
I loved the idea of angels and vampires being on in the same. In a genre bogged down by a lot of vampires and angels (and other supernatural creatures), White managed to bring a whole new idea of vampirism. I enjoyed that Olivia and her sisters could feed from a human with their quills without notice. I also really enjoyed the neuroscience aspect of the story. You could definitely tell White did an abundance of research, but she wove the story in a way so that it didn't feel like reading a graudate level textbook.

Pace: 4 Stars
The writing style of this novel was very elegant and poetic. It caught me off gaurd at first because I was expecting something very gritty and in your face, but as I got used to the beautiful language that was weaved, I really enjoyed it. The book bounced seemlessly between the two point of views, and was very balance. There was no favoritism shown towards Olivia or Dominic.

Characters: 4 Stars
Although both main characters were very interesting to follow throughout the story, I'd have to say that my inner nerd absolutely loved Dominic, the neuroscientist. I loved his search for knowledge and love for science. I enjoyed Olivia the most when she was interacting with other characters, whether it be Dominic, her sisters, or Gaehod.

Cover: 4 Stars
I loved this cover. I think the cover model depicts Olivia to a T. And I love her nonchalance as she holds the the dagger and the jacket over her shoulder. My favorite part is definitely the grafiti wings in the background. I think the effect is even cooler than if the cover model had actually had wings.

Overall: 4 Stars

Disclosure: I received my copy for review from Penguin.

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  1. Well... that's amazing but honestly i have a hard time visualizing it... I'm wondering what others have to say....


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